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Jul 22, 2017
RNN14-100560 EBYNRVFN14TDAD GTI-R RA (Series 2a) Japan 1992-10 KH3 Black  Interior: G (Grey); (14D) Rear Mudguards;

This is my 1992 RA, it came with mudguards... (sweet!) No ABS like most (I originally thought it had been removed by the previous owner). I have owned my old battle axe since 2012. In this time it has had a engine rebuild (2013/2014): Machined and bored block, Mahle pistons (oil squirter modification to work), re-shimmed head, ACL bearings, ARP main, head, conrod and flywheel studs/bolts. Reconditioned starter motor, alternator, steering rack. All new Nissan water hoses, gaskets, water pump, fuel filter, clutch master, clutch slave, clutch fork, clutch pivot, oil squirters, chain tensioner, timing chain and guides. Mods include: ARC top mount intercooler, Excedy HD clutch, 3 inch exhaust with twin tips, Walbro 255 fuel pump, KYB Super Special for Street suspension, Whiteline front strut brace, Nissan Motorsport rear strut brace. Nistune ECU and tune, with stock injectors, turbo and MAF. Runs 16psi making 180kw at the wheels.

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