Please read before submitting photos and information

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Jul 14, 2017
Please follow these simple rules to make submissions as easy as possible.

Only submit information about a GTI-R that you own or have permission to do so from the current owner.

1. TITLE - The VIN

Enter your VIN as RNN14-###### (Example: RNN14-000101).

Then select the Prefix for your car from the pop-up list (RA or RB).

Please add [RIP] at the end if the car is now destroyed :(

2. DETAILS - A photo and a location

Please attach at least 1 photo of your car (this is the whole point) - a thumbnail will be displayed in the VIN table search results ?

A pic of the VIN pate itself for confirmation would be awesome.

Add photos by dragging them into the section at the bottom, or click on "choose files..." link.

Please mention the country where the car is currently living.

3. NOTES - Historical info

Feel free to enter any other information that may be iof interest (such as how long you have owned it, where it was imported from, if it has been resprayed, current mileage, known accident history, what modifications, etc).

You are more than welcome to add a link if you have a thread/writeup/article about your car on another website or forum.

You can edit your original post at any time to add or remove and information by pressing "Edit" near the bottom left.

If desired, you can close your thread to prevent anyone else from replying by pressing the "Moderator Actions" button near the top right and selecting "Lock".

Your image link to the VIN table will be added manually by an Administrator so please wait for this to occur.

Email or post in the Site Feedback forum for any problems or questions.

Thank you for contributing to!

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