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Hi Everyone, this is my 1993 GTIR. I live in Queensland, Australia. I have been looking for one of these there for about 3 years. There has been lots of these cars for sale in Australia, but not many that were low kilometres and mostly original. I am restoring my car to original condition as it would of left the factory. I've had it now for 6 months and it's heading to the panel and paint shop next month. I will post up pictures after I've finished the rebuild. I hope I have given enough information for my car to be added to the registrar. Thank you for letting me join the site, I look forward to learning a lot about these cars from you all. I hope the pictures are ok. If I have done anything incorrectly please let me know. I'm not great with computers etc. Cheers, Mick.





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Edited your title - the 6 digits after "RNN14" are always numbers, so that's a "7" rather than a "T" :)


That's quite a rare combination🤘

There were only 179 TJ1 RA models during Series 2, and only 31 of those came with the sunroof option.

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Thank you for the information about my car. I really appreciate it.  Sorry about the incorrect digit (T instead of a 7) I should get my eyes checked.

Also is there a way I could find out how many of the 31 cars with a sunroof are left? I would find that interesting.

Thank you for your help. Cheers Mick.

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