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Davy Mac

RHD JN1EGNN14U0020598

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Hi guys, im rebuilding a GTIR and want to replace the rusted old panels, is there still somewhere to buy body panels for these monsters?

Worldwide is fine although im in Northern Ireland.

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So is 20598 the car you're rebuilding?

If so, please put some pics up :)

That was the 17th last Sunny to be made... and 5th last RHD model (and although black was the most common colour, it is 1 of 38 black RHD).


Nissan have discontinued the body panels. You can get aftermarket replacement front wings/fenders, and you can use part of the 4/5 door rear panels, but that's about it.




Places that do professional restos like https://www.facebook.com/warpspeedperformanceracing/ custom make most of their parts afaik.

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Thanks for the info, yes 20598 is the car im rebuilding. I have owned it since 2001 but due to me working in South Africa it has been wasting away for the last 15yrs.

I will post pics when I get back to the UK.

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