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Found 13 results

  1. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-020494

    At auction in Japan, December 2018:
  2. GTI-R Registry

    RB RNN14-002040

    Sold at auction in Japan, October 2018 for 645,000 JPY. 1 of only 50 TJ1 RB models.
  3. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-100215

    At auction in Japan, OCT 2018. 16,500km with log books! 1 of 179 grey (TJ1) RA models in series 2.
  4. Daveymeladdy

    RA RNN14-100858

    Bought the car a few years ago after previous owner had it re-built. This car is one of only 3 produced in TJ1 that was fitted with the air bag system! And 1 of only 21 that had an air bag!
  5. RA owned for a few months not going to mess about with
  6. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-052030

    In the UK, 2018:
  7. Gtir bob

    RA RNN14-003192

    RNN14003192 on a UK "K" plate so registered as built in 1992
  8. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-051609 [RIP]

    Half cut on eBay, 2017. Hope somebody saved the heated mirrors
  9. Marc G20DET

    RA RNN14-001225

    Hi I have a blue pearl with front mount intercooler and forged engine.
  10. Andrew Ekechi

    RA RNN14-003759

    RNN14-003759, owned by David F in Austria, 2017:
  11. Andrew Ekechi

    RA RNN14-001169 [RIP?]

    Was grey, now white, possibly now spares/repairs. In Japan atm...