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Found 36 results

  1. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-102267

    For auction in Japan, December 2018. 60k km with log books.
  2. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000262

    At auction in Japan, November 2018 (not sold on the 22nd, pending on the 28th). First month of production, grade 3.5, log-booked 51k km (average of under 2000km per year).
  3. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000885

    At auction in Japan, December 2018:
  4. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-150220

    Rusty, grade 2, sold at auction in Japan, November 2018 for 348k JPY.
  5. Rashad Singh

    RA RNN14-000793

    Recently purchased from a fellow in Canada through MSP imports, car is now with me in USA Florida. 1990 1a KH3black repainted with red metallic flake, sunroof, umbrella model Mods: S15 turbo, xspower turbo manifold, fmic, custom intake, refreshed head, cometic head gasket, arp head studs, 800cc injectors, walbro 255lph, bc coilovers, short shifter, pbm shift knob, solid shift bushing. 15psi boost, nismotronic sa ecu tuned by racing greed, speed density conversion, 3" turbo back exhaust, stage 2 clutch, ss braided clutch line. Cosmetic: Momo steering wheel, long hub, turn signal extender, HIDs, bride floor mats, pbm shift knob, dark tint, Nissan OEM optional skidplate, oz racing wheels, custom dash mat, aftermarket head unit and speakers.
  6. GTI-R_Registry

    RA RNN14-020100

    In Australia on Gumtree, 2018. Stripped for parts
  7. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053094 [RIP]

    In Malaysia 2018
  8. From 1992. German Model. Electric Windows 112 TKM Buy from a Friend 2015
  9. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-005583

    For auction at USS Tokyo in Japan, March 2018:
  10. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053481

    For sale in Japan, June 2018, at dealers for 750k JPY:
  11. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000858

    For sale in Japan, June 2018, at dealers for 1.29m JPY:
  12. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-151082

    For sale at dealers in Japan, June 2018, for 1.2m JPY (14.6k AUD / 10.8k USD / 9.3k EUR / 8.2k GBP)
  13. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000623

    At auction in Japan (USS Shizuoka) 30th June 2018:
  14. RNN14-004453 - For sale in Australia June 2018. RNN14-004453 EBYNRVFN14TDALJ--A GTI-R RA (Series 1a) Japan 1990-12 KH3 Black Interior: G (Grey); (14L) Bonnet Vent Covers + Front & Rear Coloured Mudguards; (15J) ABS; (18A) ELR Rear Seat Belts
  15. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-151598

    For auction in Japan, April 2018:
  16. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-004435

    For auction in Japan, April 2018 (passed in twice so far):
  17. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053245

    Sold at auction in Japan (undisclosed price), April 2018:
  18. Here's my 1990 Gtir. Currently stateside in Pennsylvania. Most all stock motor with aftermarket gt2871 turbo, hkw bov, and front mount inter-cooler.
  19. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-002812

    For auction at HAA Kobe in Japan, April 2018:
  20. Hi guys, im rebuilding a GTIR and want to replace the rusted old panels, is there still somewhere to buy body panels for these monsters? Worldwide is fine although im in Northern Ireland.
  21. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-052457

    At auction in Japan, Feb 2016:
  22. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-020457

    In the UK, 2018:
  23. RA, had it 9 years, will never sell
  24. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-004025

    RNN14-004025 listed at auction in Japan (JU Chiba), 23 Feb 2018: