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Found 31 results

  1. GTI-R_Registry

    RA RNN14-020100

    Found on Gumtree. Car has been stripped for parts.
  2. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053094 [RIP]

    In Malaysia 2018
  3. From 1992. German Model. Electric Windows 112 TKM Buy from a Friend 2015
  4. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-005583

    For auction at USS Tokyo in Japan, March 2018:
  5. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053481

    For sale in Japan, June 2018, at dealers for 750k JPY:
  6. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000858

    For sale in Japan, June 2018, at dealers for 1.29m JPY:
  7. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-151082

    For sale at dealers in Japan, June 2018, for 1.2m JPY (14.6k AUD / 10.8k USD / 9.3k EUR / 8.2k GBP)
  8. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000623

    At auction in Japan (USS Shizuoka) 30th June 2018:
  9. RNN14-004453 - For sale in Australia June 2018. RNN14-004453 EBYNRVFN14TDALJ--A GTI-R RA (Series 1a) Japan 1990-12 KH3 Black Interior: G (Grey); (14L) Bonnet Vent Covers + Front & Rear Coloured Mudguards; (15J) ABS; (18A) ELR Rear Seat Belts
  10. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-151598

    For auction in Japan, April 2018:
  11. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-004435

    For auction in Japan, April 2018 (passed in twice so far):
  12. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053245

    Sold at auction in Japan (undisclosed price), April 2018:
  13. Here's my 1990 Gtir. Currently stateside in Pennsylvania. Most all stock motor with aftermarket gt2871 turbo, hkw bov, and front mount inter-cooler.
  14. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-002812

    For auction at HAA Kobe in Japan, April 2018:
  15. Hi guys, im rebuilding a GTIR and want to replace the rusted old panels, is there still somewhere to buy body panels for these monsters? Worldwide is fine although im in Northern Ireland.
  16. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-052457

    At auction in Japan, Feb 2016:
  17. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-020457

    In the UK, 2018:
  18. RA, had it 9 years, will never sell
  19. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-004025

    RNN14-004025 listed at auction in Japan (JU Chiba), 23 Feb 2018:
  20. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-004849

    For auction at USS Tokyo, Japan, Feb 22nd 2018:
  21. Scoobykilla

    RA RNN14-151549

    Bought because late model and sunroof basic mods no big plans for it yet
  22. For sale in the USA (Dec 2018) for $13,995 USD (9986 GBP / 11233 EUR / 17651 AUD - at current rates) Listed as 051091, but that VIN is a KH3 (black) car, and the pictures certainly don't look like it has had a fully-stripped respray. Have emailed the sellers for confirmation (Feb 2018). https://shinkuclassics.com/inventory/2312/
  23. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-001223

    For sale in the USA (SOLD), Aug 2017: https://www.importavehicle.com/vehicles/103/1990-nissan-pulsar-gti-r https://www.facebook.com/pg/importavehicle/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1609108762454319
  24. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000240

    For sale in Japan, 2017 (SOLD): http://jdm-expo.com/vehicle-inventory/52-buy-nissan-pulsar-gtir-gti-r-sr20det-rnn14-sale-import-usa-atjdm-expo-japan.html