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Found 166 results

  1. For sale in Japan, 2017 (SOLD): https://www.japan-partner.com/Auto/11146/Nissan/PULSAR/car-for-sale.html
  2. For sale in USA, 2017: http://usedcarsbox.com/nissan-search/90816-1991-nissan-pulsar-gti-r-rnn14-rhd-jdm-sr20det-nismo-oz-racing-n14.html
  3. For sale at dealer in Japan, 2017 (SOLD): https://www.japan-partner.com/Auto/23189/Nissan/PULSAR/car-for-sale.html
  4. One of my pulsars was written off (FEB 2017) and will not go again. Sold to a friend for parts and put the motor in another one i had. A sad moment for gtirs everywhere.
  5. For private sale in the USA, 2017: https://www.montumotors.com/vehicles/58/1990-nissan-pulsar-gtir
  6. For auction in Japan, 2017:
  7. For sale in Japan, 2017 (SOLD): http://jdm-expo.com/vehicle-inventory/429-nissan-pulsar-gtir-sale.html
  8. For sale in Japan, 2017 (SOLD): http://jdm-expo.com/vehicle-inventory/52-buy-nissan-pulsar-gtir-gti-r-sr20det-rnn14-sale-import-usa-atjdm-expo-japan.html
  9. For sale in Japan, 2017 (SOLD): http://jdm-expo.com/nissan/254-pulsar-gtir-sale.html
  10. For sale in Japan, 2017 (SOLD): http://jdm-expo.com/vehicle-inventory/499-nissan-pulsar-sale.html
  11. Sold at auction in Japan, November 2017:
  12. Cancelled before auction in Japan, December 2017:
  13. Sold at auction in Japan, 21st December 2017:
  14. Cancelled before auction in Japan, December 2017:
  15. Registration number K140 GFS. Grey in colour, have owned since May 2017. If anyone has anymore information about its history, please get in touch. many thanks.
  16. For sale in Japan, November 2017:
  17. For sale in Japan, December 2017:
  18. At USS Nagoya auction in Japan on 2nd Feb 2018:
  19. Hey all. Just logging my Series 2 RA GtiR. Built in July of 1993 it's currently got a few little tweaks but mostly still stock. Has the white dial cluster SAAS gear knob (want to find a factory one) King 15x7 wheels. Painted by previous owner to be 2 tone white/black (again not my personal choice but i will fix it with time)
  20. Country: New Zealand Had been sitting in a shed for 19 years untouched but in poor condition 95,000km Currently at the beginning of restoration
  21. Found 005568 half cut an for sale on eBay
  22. I’ve had my GTiR since it was imported to the UK eighteen years go. It’s currently in the middle of a full nut and bolt rebuild. Options Notes RNN14-001509 EBYNRVFN14TDAL--BA GTI-R RA (Series 1a) Japan 1990-09 TJ1 Blueish Grey Interior: G (Grey); (14L) Bonnet Vent Covers + Front & Rear Coloured Mudguards; (17B) Sound Sele
  23. Hi I have a blue pearl with front mount intercooler and forged engine.
  24. Still in fairly standard form. Aftermarket air filter, battery, wheels and an ADDzest parcel shelf. Still drives like a dream.
  25. Hello guys, just wanted to introduce my Series 1 RA Gti-R to you: Build in october 1990, came from the UK to Germany around 2006/2007. Almost stock condition, no ultra rare option parts. -Had a DDPR Speaker System and still the original umbrella. - Mine's cluster up to 280km/h -ARC Top Mounted intercooler -OZ Superleggera Wheels few other contemporary parts kicking around, will be installed step by step.
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