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Found 244 results

  1. In Australia on Gumtree, 2018. Apparently being stripped for parts
  2. Went through auction 2/04/2020
  3. Originally black going by VIN.
  4. Hi people, Here is my GtiR ive just purchased in Perth W.A. as you can see its been parked up for quite some time. Have been doing some work on it to get it up and going and have come across a couple of little things im hoping someone on here can possibly help out. From what ive found its a factory black KH3 car, but has had a few coats of paint in its life. what i have found is that its had a roll cage in it at some time in its life and also carpet reomved for race/track duties as the is fire extinguisher stickers on the trans tunnel. then ive also come across inside the fuel filler is blue, inside under edge of door red and other sections of the car is white under the current silver paint. so from there hoping someone might have some histoy on this car as it could either have been a mock up nissan rally car or a genuine one Thanks in advance Timm
  5. For sale in NZ - $14k - 228k km
  6. Currently being wrecked in NZ.
  7. For auction in Japan at USS Saitama, Jan 2020:
  8. Being parted out in New Zealand.
  9. Rusty, grade 2, sold at auction in Japan, November 2018 for 348k JPY.
  10. Now in the USA - Toprank imports - Ex Australian car
  11. Went to auction 23/08/19 - passed in at 701,000 YEN. Has been noted to be 'rusty'.
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