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Found 134 results

  1. LeeGti-r

    RA RNN14-052704

    Pretty standard spec apart from fmic and alloys. Has a nismo drivers door knee rest and headlight protectors. Plan to keep it pretty original engine wise bodywork is very clean have owned it for 2 years now
  2. papa_smurf

    RA RNN14-003025

    RNN14-003025 In Australia. How it looked in 2002, and oh so boring, it still looks the same in 2018 except for it now being about 30mm lower.
  3. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-005583

    For auction at USS Tokyo in Japan, March 2018:
  4. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053481

    For sale in Japan, June 2018, at dealers for 750k JPY:
  5. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000858

    For sale in Japan, June 2018, at dealers for 1.29m JPY:
  6. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-151082

    For sale at dealers in Japan, June 2018, for 1.2m JPY (14.6k AUD / 10.8k USD / 9.3k EUR / 8.2k GBP)
  7. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-000623

    At auction in Japan (USS Shizuoka) 30th June 2018:
  8. RNN14 - 004453 - For Sale 20/06/2018. RNN14-004453 EBYNRVFN14TDALJ--A GTI-R RA (Series 1a) Japan 1990-12 KH3 Black Interior: G (Grey); (14L) Bonnet Vent Covers + Front & Rear Coloured Mudguards; (15J) ABS; (18A) ELR Rear Seat Belts
  9. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-004435

    For auction in Japan, April 2018 (passed in twice so far):
  10. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-053245

    Sold at auction in Japan (undisclosed price), April 2018:
  11. All standard and original. I've owned it since it was imported to Ireland from Japan in 2008, one previous owner in Japan.
  12. Here's my 1990 Gtir. Currently stateside in Pennsylvania. Most all stock motor with aftermarket gt2871 turbo, hkw bov, and front mount inter-cooler.
  13. Scoobykilla

    RA RNN14-000367

    Just bought my 6th gtir purely because it is black and an early nissan built model
  14. Purchased from auction in Japan and currently on a ship to BC, Canada. ~104,000km As far as I know, the mods include: Aftermarket suspension Aftermarket Intake Aftermarket wheels Turbo Timer Blowoff valve Excessive amount of cupholders
  15. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-002812

    For auction at HAA Kobe in Japan, April 2018:
  16. JP-Houston

    RA RNN14-004698

    160,000km's on body. It is in pretty good nick. I have wrapped the car is 3M satin black vinyl until it is resprayed. I have photos of it that I will add. Have had this for since 2008. Was my first proper road car other than cheap run abouts. Original engine melted 3rd piston within a month of owning it on way home from one day. Previous owner had it serviced week before selling to me, they hadn't done a good job. I brought a motor blind from a bloke in Auckland, first name Vedran who would only use it as a car for down the strip. Had a lot of receipts but no guarantees or photos of the car/engine being built. Paid 2k for the engine, motor arrived , we ran it in the car for a few weeks on 3-4psi boost. Motor was tired but had good oil pressure and compression around. Stored the car away 2010 for a couple of years and dragged it out about until late 2015. Front end stripped and replaced necessary parts and installed a used set of munroe struts with adjustable dampers all around. Motor was stripped and freshened by our speedway mechanic, turns out receipts were legit, 2.2 stroker with steel crank with fully forged internals. Run's a good T28 and manifold on same boost. Top mount intercooler. Unsure of HP figures, but has a lot of torque. I would say around 270 as is. Is sitting in storage until May. Unfortunately rego lapsed during that time while I was away, but will be re registered again Christmas.
  17. JP-Houston

    RA RNN14-004604

    129,000 KM's. Previous owner had for 17 years. Maintained and serviced until health issues. Daily driven until 2016. Dash is ruined by sun, body seems straight but major paint fade on original paint. Roof & others looks to had touch up starting to fade. Sunroof leak, fuel leak (fixed), cracked right pillar where gauge torn out. Has problem under boost, but fuel smells horrific. No major. Engine bay is as stock as I've ever seen, only a aftermarket BOV. Cars been looked after considering Hawke's Bay summer weather and red paint. Needs respray and interior repaired. Waiting on information regarding motor specs.
  18. Country: New Zealand Imported from Japan: 18 April 1997 Current owner owned since: 2009 - Dismantled due to neglect. Ended life Matt Black or Matt White cannot remember RNN14-001816 EBYNRVFN14TDALJ--A GTI-R RA (Series 1a) Japan 1990-09 TJ1 Blueish Grey Interior: G (Grey); (14L) Bonnet Vent Covers + Front & Rear Coloured Mudguards; (15J) ABS; (18A) ELR Rear Seat Belts
  19. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-151745

    RNN14-151745 EBYNRVFN14TDADG-H- GTI-R RA (Series 2b) Japan 1994-10 KH3 Black Interior: G (Grey); (14D) Rear Mudguards; (15G) ABS; (17H) Rear Coloured Mud Guards; A very stock-looking RA model (original cassette radio!) at USS Nagoya auctions on 28/07/17 with a log booked 53k kms. The 101st last Pulsar GTI-R to be made.
  20. Daveymeladdy

    RA RNN14-100858

    Bought the car a few years ago after previous owner had it re-built. This car is one of only 3 produced in TJ1 that was fitted with the air bag system! And 1 of only 21 that had an air bag!
  21. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-150478

    RNN14-150478 owned by Marty from Mighty Car Mods in Australia, 2008:
  22. GTI-R Registry

    RA RNN14-052457

    At auction in Japan, Feb 2016: