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Found 74 results

  1. RA RNN14-001225

    Hi I have a blue pearl with front mount intercooler and forged engine. More toys to add.
  2. Still in fairly standard form. Aftermarket air filter, battery, wheels and an ADDzest parcel shelf. Still drives like a dream.
  3. RA RNN14-000504

    Hello guys, just wanted to introduce my Series 1 RA Gti-R to you: Build in october 1990, came from the UK to Germany around 2006/2007. Almost stock condition, no ultra rare option parts. -Had a DDPR Speaker System and still the original umbrella. - Mine's cluster up to 280km/h -ARC Top Mounted intercooler -OZ Superleggera Wheels few other contemporary parts kicking around, will be installed step by step.
  4. RA RNN14-052400

    Imported from Japan to New zealand, One owner in NZ bought in 2000. Standard apart from Preformance exhaust and computer chipped. Rear wiper modification so it parks flat. (much better look)
  5. RA RNN14-150545

    White pulsar in need on love
  6. RA RNN14-151226

    I bought this beauty in Oct 2003. It was totally standard when I got it which some may say is sacrilege but, what's the point in owning a car if it's not yours?
  7. RA RNN14-053003

    This was my first pulsar which I bought in oct 2001. I sold it in 2010 to a lad in Holland. Was a great car 😢👍🏻
  8. RA RNN14-020124

    Location: London, UK Imported from Japan: 1999 Mileage: 109 000 Miles I've had the car since 2014. Bought it from Spec One Engineering in Birmingham who were selling it on behalf of the owner at the time. Contacted the guy who owned it from 2010-2013 via the GTIR-OC after the purchase and he said he bought it from Reddich and was told the gearbox had been rebuilt and that the engine had some work done too (I have a receipt from Tuning Japanese in Aldershot dated 2007 showing 'Engine and Transmission Assembly' for £2,500, along with a host of other work such as a hybrid turbo, etc, totalling to over £8,000). Also said he replaced the arches due to rust and had the engine rebuilt in 2012 (said he had pictures of the rebuild and I asked for these to be sent to me but no luck). The car has had various new parts over the years (brake callipers, oil and water pumps, water hoses, OEM head bolts, DET sensor, master cylinder, wheel bearings, track rod ends, timing belt, etc, etc) so seems to have been well maintained mechanically (have a stack of receipts from 2007 to now) and I personally have spent more money on the car than I can afford, including replacing the sills as she was suffering from terrible corrosion and rot along both sides, outer and inner (see pictures below). Car is nicely modded for good performance whilst maintaining a good level of reliability (see details below) and drives almost perfectly. The gearbox is tight and smooth and the engine pulls strongly on boost (1.2 bar), producing 332 bhp and 318 lbs ft. Modifications Engine Polished crank 86mm CP forged pistons Cosworth 1.5 mm hg ARP con-rod bolts ACL race bearings New head bolts Mine’s ecu Turbo Technics stage 1 Garrett hybrid turbo (360 thrust bearings) Braided turbo lines Uprated turbo elbow (from Bogdan) Large fmic Blitz SUS air filter Hi-teq induction hard pipe Polished and ported exhaust manifold with blueprinted head exhaust ports at GTIRUS Mongoose 2.5 down pipe and decat exhaust with 4-inch tail pipe Walbro 255 fuel pump New water pump New Nissan oil pump Samco coolant hoses front and rear Japspeed aluminium race radiator Nismo Thermostat Gizmo ms-ibc boost controller 1.25 bar boost Greddy turbo timer Magnecore kv85 leads NGK BR8ES spark plugs Powerflex engine mount Carbon canister removed Transmission Exedy stage 1 organic clutch Uprated Gtir-R-Us clutch fork 3rd gear has been shot-peened Replaced and strengthened clutch pedal box at GTIRUS Polyurethane gearbox shift bushings Suspension Tein adjustable coilovers with adjustable top mounts Whiteline anti-lift kit Whiteline Subframe Align and Lock kit Whiteline front and rear sway bars Nismo front strut brace Cusco rear strut brace SuperPro front and rear adjustable camber bolts Modena front LSD (to be fitted) Brakes Front Hi-Spec 4 pot calipers 285 mm discs with EBC pads Rear new calipers with std pads HEL braided lines front and rear MORE PICS TO COME ONCE SHE'S HAD A WASH AND HOOVER
  9. RA RNN14-101499

    My winter green in Gold Coast Australia
  10. RA RNN14-003759

    David Federspiel's Gti-r RNN14-003759
  11. RA RNN14-150412

    Possibly dead now. Last mot 2011.
  12. Looking for info on my gtir besides what is on the registry .
  13. RA RNN14-000132

    The 32nd off the assembly line! At auction in Japan (JAA auctions) 2017/09/13. RNN14-000132 EBYNRVFN14TDALJDBA GTI-R RA (Series 1a) Japan 1990-08 KH3 Black Interior: G (Grey); (14L) Bonnet Vent Covers + Front & Rear Coloured Mudguards; (15J) ABS; (16D) Sunroof; (17B) Sound Selection; (18A) ELR Rear Seat Belts
  14. RA RNN14-051892

    Also updated on the registry Facebook page. My old car from 2007?, sold on and car died of rust I believe. RNN14-051892
  15. RA RNN14-051506

    Also updated on the registry Facebook page. My old car from 2004, sold on and car died in 2007.
  16. Here i have my seies 1c RA that i use as a daily. Pretty standard. Has the 1 bar loop. Body mouldings completley shaved (not my personal choice)..
  17. Here is my series 2 RA i found parked up. It is deregistered but i have plans to put it back on the road as it came complete..
  18. 1994 Pulsar GTIR RA 67,000kms (factory) Volks Racing TE37s Cusco Coilovers HKS Intake & BOV
  19. RA RNN14-001484

    Stripped but the shell is being saved.