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Oct 7, 2018
For sale on yahoo auction by the original owner.

Manufacturer: Nissan
Car name: Pulsar
Grade: GTI-R
Emission: 1,998 cc
Year: April 1992
Imported car model Year: −
Driving: 104,105km (actual driving)
Color: Black
Color name: Black
Vehicle inspection: Until May 3rd year of Reiwa
Mission: 5-speed manual
Body type: Hatchback
Model: E-RNN14

■ Detailed information on automobiles
Number of doors: 3 doors
Capacity: 5 seats
Drive: 4WD, AWD
Fuel: Gasoline car
record book: Yes
Repair history: Unknown
Chassis number: 808
Recycle deposit: 5,840 yen
Import route: -Handle
: Right
Car history: Private
owner history: One owner
Delivery conditions: Current delivery

■ Equipment (option) Information
/ Air conditioner : ○ ・ Power Ste: ○
・ Power Window: ○
・ Centralized Lock: ○ ・ ABS: −
・ Airbag: − ・ ETC: −
・ Keyless Entry: −
・ Smart Key: −
・ CD: − ・ MD: −
・ DVD video: − ・ TV: −
・ Car navigation system: − ・ Back camera: −
・ Electric sliding door: −
・ Sunroof: − ・ Leather seat: −
・ Genuine aero: − ・ Genuine aluminum: ○
・ Anti-skid: − ・ TRC: −
・ Cold region: − ・ Welfare vehicle: −
・ Lowdown: − ・ Non-smoking vehicle: ○
・ No pet ride history: −
・ Limited vehicle: − ・ Current vehicle confirmation: ○
・ Manual : ○ ・ Warranty: −
・ Spare tire: ○

■ Comment
[Outline of exhibition]
Thank you for visiting. It will be exhibited by the owner himself who has been riding for many years since purchasing a new car. It's a double-digit number car that I bought 28 years ago, but it still has a small turn and acceleration is very good, and I don't feel any particular problems with driving or driving (owner's subjectivity). Also, since the accelerator response is very good, it is easy to do heel & toe and middle blowing, and I think that it is a very good car for those who want to enjoy driving and running, so be sure to read the item description column and the following sentences to the end. Please be aware of this before bidding.

* Things to be aware of in advance *
1. Priority is given to the current car. If you are willing to purchase, please be sure to check the current car and test drive before bidding and making a successful bid.
2. 2. After it makes a successful bid, please give me a no claim, no return, and no cancellation.
3. 3. If you cancel after it makes a successful bid, we will charge \ 10000-.
4. We will refuse discount negotiations after it makes a successful bid.
5. We may cancel the bid without prior notice at our discretion, such as mischievous bids for those with a bad evaluation.
6. Since it will be an individual listing, we cannot accept payment in installments of the winning bid.

[About the exhibited car]
・ The main use is for private use. For the past 10 years, I go skiing and traveling 3-4 times a year (1000-2000km a year), and I don't really ride a little in the town. Also, I have never participated in competitions.
-As for the repair history, it will be an individual listing, so it is not possible to judge whether it corresponds to the repair history in the used car listing. Please check the explanation below and the current car before making a decision.
・ Please note that the mileage will increase slightly due to confirmation of the current car.
・ The air conditioner can be used for both air conditioning and heating. Since it is already equipped with Retrofit, it is possible to replenish the air conditioner gas.
・ Car audio can be used. The original cassette tape has been replaced with a CD or USB memory (MP3) compatible one. The transferred car audio manual will be printed on paper and attached to the car.
・ There was no smoking in the car.
・ Instruction manual, maintenance note, inspection and maintenance record book, and warranty card maintenance notebook are included.

・ For details on the interior and exterior of the car, such as scratches and dents , please see the photo linked here .

-There are parts where the interior cloth is partially peeled off and floating.
-There are traces of double-sided tape, scratches, dents, color unevenness, gloss unevenness, etc. that cannot be confirmed in the photograph on both the interior and exterior.
・ There was a pet (dog) ride.
・ There is a storage space for umbrellas when the door on the driver's side is opened (link photo: interior 20, interior 21).
-The raver used to remove the seating surface of the rear seat, one of the two on the left side of the vehicle is damaged, but there is no problem in carrying a person.
-There is a problem with the left hinge of the lid inside the trunk (link photo: trunk 02). There is no problem opening and closing the lid, but be careful when removing the lid.
・ I have had a ski carrier installed.
・ There is no spare key.
-The gearbox is normal. Not for competition.
・ The cell motor was replaced with a rebuilt product in 2005.
・ The tires were purchased in 2009, and the total running distance is about 5040km.
・ Wheels are as of the time of purchase.
・ The radiator was replaced in 2017.
・ The battery was replaced in 2017.
・ The alternator will be replaced in 2018.
・ The bellows muffler pipe that connects the engine and the exhaust pipe was replaced in 2018.
-The jack that originally came with the car has been replaced with a new one (link photo: trunk 13).
-The jack-up point on the right front wheel cannot be used due to corrosion caused by rust.
-The washer fluid of the front wiper does not blow out. The front wiper can be used without problems.
-There is no problem with the rear wiper for both the washer fluid blowout and the wiper.
-There are light dents on the front right of the roof (link photo: exterior 08), the left door (link photo: exterior 19, exterior 20), and the right rear fender (link photo: exterior 18).

・ When you step on the clutch, you may hear a clicking sound from the vicinity of the clutch pedal, but this has not been a problem in terms of driving operation.
・ In rare cases, it may be difficult to enter the gear when entering the garage. However, this does not happen while driving.

[Check the current car / test drive]
・ Only those who are willing to purchase should check the current car / test drive.
・ If you would like to check the current car, please be sure to inform us in advance that you want to check the current car from the question column and contact us by e-mail to hsasaki_0228@yahoo.co.jp. Also, please specify your Yahoo ID in the body of the email. In addition, if you do not contact us from the question column in advance, or if you do not specify your Yahoo ID, we will not reply to any emails.
・ As a matter of course, we do not allow people with an automatic limited license to drive on a test drive.






















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Sep 16, 2021
This GTi-R now lives in Colorado! I acquired it from Rare Garage Auto, an importer based in Washington. I believe it to truly be a 1 owner car before my ownership based on the information above. I had been looking for a non modified car, and this definitely fit exactly what I was looking for.


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