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Jan 24, 2019

[SIZE=10.5pt]I am based in Norway and have now my third owner here. This owner is realy taken care of me and I feel home.
I can change home if new owner premitt to take care of me![/SIZE]


[SIZE=10.5pt]- Orginal sold in Germany.
- Have orginal paint.
- 139000km.[/SIZE]
- Newer driven in snow/ice/salt
- 250whp 
- All handling arms, brackets for original IC and strut brace are blasted and painted black.


Motor and electrical:

- Garrett gtx2863r
- Vipec V44 ECU
- Orginal top mount IC
- Open filter from Italya (fiber mesh)
- NISMO fuel pressure regulator set to 3,4bar on original injectors. 89% inj duty on 270whp
- Walbro 450lph in tank fuel pump (new 2018)

Driving line:

- Cusco strut brace rear and NARPAC in front. Power coted RAL9005 (new 2018)
- Full Stracher Motorsports powertrain with, front derlin anti-lift caster kit bushes, front spherical bearings conversion for front bush Alloy subframe bushes 7075 ergal rear parallel links on 14mm motorsport grade rod ends Rear tie arms spherical bearings conversion.
- Tein coilovres.
- Spesial order driveshafts that handle 1400hp.
- New wheel bearings around. 4x100 bolt pattern.
- Advan racing rims 7x17 et38 6,7kg with 215/40-17 Federal 595 rs-s. 5mm and 20mm spacer on

Sound system:

- 3d printet spacers for optimal sound and finish (new 2018)
- Poineer DEH-x8700DAB head unit (new 2018)
- Hertz to komp med deleflter 6,5″ mid and tweeter (new 2018)
- Alpine 8″ PWE-V80 aktiv sub (new 2018)

Ekstra that is not installed:

- Race Dash2 technology dash logger
- Water cooles IC set up
- SR20VET 1041hp on racefuel, (rumors say 1200whp??)
- nismo fornt diff
- Hispec 325x30mm floting breaks with adapter.

Regards Black Sunny F666